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    Dear Dinner Party Curriculum User,

    On behalf of Judy Chicago and Through the Flower, we want to share with you two new positions that have been created to provide you with professional community support as you bring The Dinner Party into your classroom. The Director of Education and the Forum/Facebook Moderator will provide assistance in navigating the online Dinner Party Curriculum, creating lessons, and using resources. In addition, we will provide you with a venue to share your experiences and ah-ha moments. We would like to introduce ourselves and explain our roles.

    We, Dolores E. Eaton and Hannah Koch, have been involved with the creation of the Dinner Party Curriculum Project (DPCP) as a part of our Kutztown University of Pennsylvania M.Ed. in Art Education programs since 2007 with a highlight of presenting at the 2009 NAEA conference along with Judy and the Curriculum Team. We care deeply about the pedagogy, the principles and the women of The Dinner Party encompassed in the DPCP. We feel privileged to serve in these roles and look forward to learning about and supporting your efforts to ensure that women’s achievements become a permanent part of our cultural heritage.

    I, Dolores, will serve as Director of Education to provide professional development regarding the nature and implementation of the Dinner Party Curriculum Project. I will host group workshops and work individually with educators to help design Dinner Party lessons for specific settings and grade levels. Workshops will include examples of projects happening around the country, hands-on training in navigating and pulling material from the DPCP, and customized sessions on designing curriculum around The Dinner Party. I look forward to meeting you and learning from your creative applications of the DPCP.

    I, Hannah, will serve as Forum/Facebook Moderator to establish an online community of participants. My goal is to create a space for Curriculum users to share ideas, voice frustrations, and provide each other with moral support. My online presence will also serve as a resource for any user who may have questions about The Dinner Party, or how to best use The Dinner Party Curriculum. I look forward to promoting lively conversation around pertinent topics such as feminism, feminist pedagogy, self-education, and the importance of integrating women’s history into human history.

    You will be hearing from us individually in the weeks to come, but please know you are welcome to contact us with any questions or ideas you may want to share at this point.

    Dolores E. Eaton Hannah Koch
    Director of Education Forum/Facebook Moderator
    609-851-2906 On Facebook: DPCP Forum

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