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    For making art in the 21st Century I think we must first narrow down exactly on what art is. Throughout history, we have seen art evolve and change, from a method of communication to a source of entertainment. Art has evolved and we must as well to gain an understanding of 21st Century art. We must also be prepared to use programs/materials that we have never even considered before. Certain programs, like the Adobe products, art specifically made for the making of digital art. And yet we can also use materials that we haven’t even considered in the art making world. We can take old technology, like an older styled television and use magnets and other items to alter the visual display. A major aspect we must consider is the impact of 21st Century art. Most art in this century is more political and expressive. And we must be prepared to study these works to see where art has come and where it is going to change into in the future.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)