How to use The Dinner Party Curriculum Website

I. Welcome to The Dinner Party K-12 Curriculum
A. Introduction by Judy Chicago: Judy Chicago explains her motivation and experience for this

B. Welcome by Constance Bumgarner Gee: A welcome by Through the Flower’s Education
Committee Chair.

C. The Evolution of the Curriculum: By Marilyn Stewart, Kutztown University explains the theory
and practice behind the curriculum.

D. The Curriculum Team: Provides a short biography on each of the members who volunteered
their time in creating the curriculum.

II. Guest Registration: is required to download all sections of the curriculum and to provide access to
the online Forum. Registration is free, and it requires a valid email confirmation.

III. The Dinner Party K-12 Curriculum
A. An Invitation to Discovery by Judy Chicago: explains the organization of the curriculum and the key ideas used throughout.

B. Fourteen Encounters with Classroom Connections: The Fourteen Encounters comprise the curriculum and provide a framework for teachers on how to teach The Dinner Party in their classroom. The Classroom Connections are examples of various projects done by teachers using the Encounters.

C. Building on The Dinner Party: Teacher Hannah Koch built an entire classroom curriculum based upon the Susan B. Anthony place setting, thereby demonstrating the educational potential of The Dinner Party.

IV. From the Field: Through the Flower will be posting conjunct examples from teachers who have used the curriculum in their classroom.

V. Workshop Program: In 2010 Through the Flower will partner with Kutztown University to offer summer workshops for teachers interested in learning how to better implement the curriculum in their classrooms. Check our website for details.

VI. Resource Packet: materials available from Through the Flower to assist teachers teaching
The Dinner Party in their classroom.

The Curriculum consists of 14 Encounters that have suggestions for lessons intended to be adapted by teachers for their respective classrooms. The Encounters are sequenced as follows:

The Classroom Connections that follow some of the Encounters include lesson plans and projects for different grade levels by some of the teachers from around the country who attended the first Dinner Party Teacher’s Institute. Our intention is that most of the Encounters can be adapted to whatever grade you happen to teach, and the Classroom Connections are examples of how some teachers approached the material for their particular classrooms.

The Building on The Dinner Party by Hannah Koch is an example of how The Dinner Party can be a catalyst for developing a lesson and how the curriculum framework can be adapted by teachers in their classroom.

The lessons found in the classroom connections are what we mean by using the Encounters to create and adapt lessons for their respective classrooms.

Registration is required to download the 14 Encounters, the Classroom Connections, and the Building on The Dinner Party. Registration also allows you to participate in the online Forum where you can post questions, comments, and experiences with the curriculum.