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Encounter 7

Grade Levels:   Upper-Elementary, Middle, High School

In this Encounter, students consider the processes engaged in by Judy Chicago and her collaborators as they created The Dinner Party. Students watch the video documentary, Right Out of History: The Making of Judy Chicago's Dinner Party, or read excerpts from a variety of sources. They learn how the artist developed and refined her ideas, how she eventually brought others into the process, and how she and her collaborators investigated ways of working with materials to achieve desired effects.

As students become aware of the processes involved in creating The Dinner Party, they develop a deeper understanding of the scope of the project, an enhanced appreciation of its complexity and multiple meanings, and an awareness of the knowledge and skill required to create its various components. Students learn how research and investigation are integral to the artistic process. They also learn about the benefits and drawbacks of collaboration in such a process. To view the entire Encounter, download the PDF for Encounter 7: The Making of the Dinner Party by clicking on the buttons below.

Encounter 7: The Making of the Dinner Party
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