Living Curricula

Living Curricula comprises six generative projects:

  • The Dinner Party Curriculum Project includes curricular ideas for k-12 teachers on how to facilitate encounters with Judy Chicago’s monumental artwork, The Dinner Party.
  • Participatory Art Pedagogy is a multi-media overview of Judy Chicago’s feminist art teaching methodology.
  • Teaching with the Collection includes award-winning curriculum that teaches about and from The Dinner Party. At the From the Field section you are invited to share feminist art education curricula to build an archive and to comment with narratives of feminist art pedagogy. The Judy Chicago Education Award, which consists of a check for $1000 and a certificate — is given annually and administered by Penn State School of Visual Arts. For more information click here
  • Teaching Conversations is a project of a group of feminist colleagues at Penn State who embrace feminist principles of equity and eco-social justice, and set into motion participatory, self-knowledge, and critical inquiry.
  • Feminist Art Gallery Conversations is a course involving eight gallery talks in Spring 2014 offered by the Palmer Museum of Art at the Surveying Judy Chicago: Five Decades exhibition. The page links to podcasts of the gallery talks and ongoing dialogue generated from prompts by the facilitators of each conversation.
  • Judy Chicago@PSU: Art, Pedagogy, Research & Exhibition is a Spring 2014 special topics course at Penn State for museum docents, art educators, aspiring and experienced artists, and education researchers. Using Judy Chicago’s feminist art teaching methodology documented in the Penn State archives, course participants develop their focus in the course as action researchers of the pedagogical approach, or as artists creating interactive content-based visual and performative art to engage community in an exhibition, Out of Here, at the HUB’s Art Alley. The course incorporates the April 2014 symposium with Judy Chicago, the February Cultural Conversations performances, the semester-long Palmer Museum of Art exhibition of Judy Chicago’s art and Special Collections exhibition of Chicago’s teaching materials (see the list of events at, as well as working with Fresno artist, Nancy Youdelman, who was a student of Judy Chicago’s in the Feminist Art Program in 1970.

The Dinner Party Curriculum Project

“We live in a patriarchy and any information about women is secondary or buried. I look at The Dinner Party and the 1038 women represented and see them as a launching pad for education of history and of women’s history.”

– Dr. Elizabeth A. Sackler

Founder, Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Judy Chicago invites you to explore The Dinner Party K-12 Curriculum and Learn how to educate, inspire, and empower students at all grade levels.

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Participatory Art Pedagogy

What is participatory art pedagogy informed by feminist principles? Is it content, process, or both? In what ways does art teaching informed by feminist principles positively impact personal and professional growth as an artist? The work and career of artists and art students who have participated in Judy Chicago’s feminist teaching projects have advanced in signicant ways.

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