What is participatory art pedagogy informed by feminist principles? Is it content, process, or both? In what ways does art teaching informed by feminist principles positively impact personal and professional growth as an artist? The work and career of artists and art students who have participated in Judy Chicago’s feminist teaching projects have advanced in significant ways.

This website, created by Karen Keifer-Boyd with Wei-Chung Chang’s assistance in creating the animation symbolic of the teaching approach, presents an exploration of these questions by sharing insights by Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman into Participatory Art Pedagogy Informed by Feminist Principles.

Can others learn Chicago/Woodman’s art teaching approach? How is it transferred and translated in different contexts (i.e., differences in gender, race, status, and institutional configurations). These questions are also explored in this website from Keifer-Boyd’s study of The Envisioning the Future project in which others learn and apply Chicago/Woodman’s organic, non-prescriptive teaching methodology. Eight facilitators and 62 participants in The Envisioning the Future (ETF) project, which occurred throughout the fall of 2003 and culminated in a two-month exhibition at six exhibition sites in Pomona and Claremont, California in 2004, share their experience in translating and adapting Chicago/Woodman’s Participatory Art Pedagogy Informed by Feminist Principles.

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1/ Overview
2/ Chicago/Woodman Teaching Methodology
3/ Relationship of Chicago/Woodman’s Participatory Art Pedagogy to Other Forms of Feminist Art Pedagogies
4/ Relationship of the Participatory Art Pedagogy to Other Art Teaching Approaches
5/ References & Copyrights

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