Prior to meeting together, participants are asked to research beyond the readings selected by the facilitator in areas related to the theme of the project.

Research continues throughout the creative process involving activities such as site visits, interviews, observations, sketching, reflective journaling, library research, and reading. The facilitator’s role is to recommend readings and ways to deeply research based on what the participant conveys about artmaking goals and personal history, and to encourage participants to suggest readings to each other based on what they learn of the others’ artmaking goals.

Video: Franz Keller storyboards an animation from research into patriarchy ideology within the game of chess, and into examples of non-patriarchical societies. Chris Toovey shows the mural group his research on the integration of physical spaces with murals. Ya-Nan Chou discusses with Judy Chicago her research into the visual manifestation of deities related to their religious symbolism.

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