Teaching with the Collection

Feminist pedagogy goals: effect social change; envision teaching as a political act; view knowledge as value-laden; value personal experience and self-representation; provide avenues for multivocality, and lead collaboratively in creating participatory and inclusive environments.

To learn about Judy Chicago’s Participatory Art Pedagogy click here. To see archived documents in the Collection of Judy Chicago’s teaching projects, click here.

The Living Curricula section comprises four generative projects:

The Dinner Party Curriculum Project includes curricular ideas for k-12 teachers on how to facilitate encounters with Judy Chicago’s monumental artwork, The Dinner Party.

Participatory Art Pedagogy is a multi-media overview of Judy Chicago’s feminist art teaching methodology.

Teaching with the Collection includes award-winning curriculum inspired by The Dinner Party Curriculum Project, which is linked here.  At the From the Field section you are invited to share feminist art education curricula to build an archive and to comment with narratives of feminist art pedagogy. To learn about the Judy Chicago Education Award, click here.

Teaching Conversations is a project of a group of feminist colleagues at Penn State who embrace feminist principles of equity and eco-social justice, and set into motion participatory, self-knowledge, and critical inquiry.



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