Primordial Goddess

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    I am feeling Goddess energy today. I woke up this morning to even more rain. We have had rain for days her here in Eastern Pennsylvania. It feels like a harbinger of spring, and makes me think about the creative powers of the Earth and Primordial Goddess.
    Primordial Goddess

    Primordial Goddess is the first place setting of The Dinner Party. It celebrates women as creators, and symbolizes “the original feminine being from whom all life emerged; for there was a time when there seemed to be no distinction between this Primordial Goddess, the Earth, and the Earth’s daughter, Woman.” Judy Chicago, The Dinner Party book.

    Another beautiful quote from TDP book. Chicago writes, “It was believed that all things came from her, returned to her, and were part of her. The human race, overwhelmed by this nameless force, watched plants grow from the body of the Earth and life spring from the body of Woman, and could only venerate this magical power possessed by the feminine spirit.”

    This concept of Primordial Goddess taps into the vast need for women to know and feel their own greatness, their own Goddess. I love that Chicago started The Dinner Party with the concept of women as Goddess, powerful creators. This is what was eventually robbed from them, as we can see throughout the story told by TDP.
    As the story of Woman continues, wouldn’t it be wonderful to return to this most powerful beginning?


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