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    Studio art professors should be prepared as teachers. Just because someone is a working artist, or once was a working artist, that does not mean that they have the ability to teach. Teaching is a craft in itself. Some people are more skilled in this craft. Someone could be an amazing artist, but a horrible teacher. Professors that lack teaching skills would certainly be less affective.

    It is important however, to be educated in the subject that you teach. A mathematics teacher that does not understand mathematics would certainly be less affective in teaching mathematics.

    University art professors are currently not required to be trained and accredited to teach like k-12 teachers. A credential system at the university level would ensure training in teaching techniques, and could prove to be useful. Implementation of such a program could be difficult, but the idea behind it is worthy of considering.

    Requiring PhD’s in studio is simply impractical. There is no way for every studio professor to obtain such a degree and would leave universities with a lack of professors.

    There is no way to require an instructor to continue to produce art. Knowledge of an art form does not necessarily require you to continue producing. An art professor could be very knowledgable of an art form even if they have not produced art in that form in some time.

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