Judy Chicago Symposium: Planting a Feminist Art Education Archive

Judy Chicago will be the keynote speaker the upcoming symposium “Judy Chicago: Planting a Feminist Art Education Archive,” at Penn State (April 5–6, 2014), calling for a re-conceptualization of studio art teaching in higher education.

April 5, 2014, SATURDAY: During the first day of the two-day symposium, feminist artists, educators, and activists involved in planting and cultivating a living archive in a university libraries system will explore what it means for an archive to live. With the notion of a living archive, presenters will conceptualize an emerging feminist archival sensibility of collaboration, interconnectivity, participatory accessibility, resistance to injustice, positionality, and dialogism.

April 6, 2014, SUNDAY: In the second day of the symposium, Jill Fields, historian of Jewish studies at Fresno State, will present “Entering the Picture: Fresno Feminist Art Program”; Andrew Perchuk, deputy director of the Getty Research Institute, will present “You Say You Want a Revolution: Feminist Art in Southern California;” art historian Jane Gerhard will present “Moving to the Mainstream: The Dinner Party’s Long Road to the Brooklyn Museum”; Donald Woodman, photographer and co-facilitator with Judy Chicago in several of her teaching projects, will present “What About Men”; and William Catling, professor and department chair of art and design at Azusa Pacific University, will present “Transforming University Studio Art Education.”

SATURDAY, April 5, 2014: The Judy Chicago Art Education Collection and Judy Chicago’s keynote lecture

10:00 am – 5:00 pm, Saturday, April 5, 2014 at Special Collections

[table colwidth=”25|25|250|20″ colalign=”left”] Time,Presenter,Session Title,Location
10:00-10:30am,Graeme Sullivan,Welcome by Graeme Sullivan—A Living Archive: Possibilities with the Judy Chicago Art Education Collection Session filled,Foster Auditorium
10:30-11:00am,Jackie Esposito,The Judy Chicago Art Education Collection: An Archivist Perspective Session filled,Foster Auditorium
11:00-11:30am,Karen Keifer-Boyd,Vision for the Judy Chicago Art Education Collection at Penn State Session filled,Foster Auditorium
11:30am-12:00pm,Marilyn Stewart,“The Dinner Party Curriculum Project” as a Living Curriculum Session filled,Foster Auditorium
12:00-1:30pm,,Special Collections Exhibition (Exhibition room) & Lunch (Paterno Reading Room at 2nd Floor Pattee Library) Session filled,Special Collections & Paterno Reading Room
1:30-2:00pm,Karen Keifer-Boyd,Judy Chicago’s Art Pedagogy & & Judy Chicago Art Education Award Ceremony Session filled,Foster Auditorium
2:00-3:00pm,,Teaching Conversations [panel of faculty from different disciplines sharing the process and student work that came from integrating the Collection in their teaching Session filled,Foster Auditorium
3:00-4:00pm,Nancy Youdelman, Then & Now: Reflections on Feminist Art Teaching Session filled, Foster Auditorium
4:00-5:00pm,facilitated by Ann Holt,Judy Chicago Art Education Collection Workshop Session filled,Mann Assembly Room
5:30-6:30,Judy Chicago,“Institutional Time: A Critique of Studio Art Education” [Judy Chicago keynote] Session filled,Berg Auditorium at Life Sciences Building
6:30-7:30,,Book Signing with Chicago & Jill Fields & Jane Gerhard,HUB-Robeson Center’s Art Alley
6:30-8:30,,Reception at the Out of Here exhibition (Chicago’s teaching methodology),HUB-Robeson Center’s Art Alley

SUNDAY, April 6: Re-conceptions of Studio Art Teaching

Palmer Museum of Art & Borland Gallery

[table colwidth=”20|20|250|30″ colalign=”left”] Time,Presenter,Session Title,Location
10:00-11:00am,Jill Fields,Entering the Picture: The California Girls from the Fresno Feminist Art Program to Womanhouse,Palmer Museum of Art
11:00am-12:00pm,Andrew Perchuk, “You Say You Want a Revolution”: Feminist Art in Southern California,Palmer Museum of Art
12:00-1:30pm,,Lunch reception for “From There to Here—Four Decades as a Feminist Artist” – an exhibition by Nancy Youdelman- former student of Judy Chicago,Borland Gallery
1:30-2:30pm,Jane Gerhard, Moving to the Mainstream: The Dinner Party’s Long Road to The Brooklyn Museum,Palmer Museum of Art
2:30-3:30pm,Donald Woodman,What About Men, Palmer Museum of Art
3:30-4:30pm,William Catling,Transforming University Studio Art Education,Palmer Museum of Art
4:30-5:00pm,Graeme Sullivan & Karen Keifer-Boyd,Open Forum Discussion with Closing Remarks,Palmer Museum of Art
5:00-7:00pm,, Palmer Museum of Art reception and exhibition: “Surveying Judy Chicago: Five Decades” and in the Print Study Room “Judy Chicago Views“,Palmer Museum of Art

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