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Twitter is an information network comprised of 140-character messages called Tweets. It is a social media option we have selected to connect and interact with each other and carry forward conversations in Gallery Conversations because it can be used to not only convey information but also opinions, memories or associations, emotional responses, and ideas in a way that is similar to the back and forth nature of conversations. You will be following The Judy Chicago Art Education Collection and participating in Gallery Conversations on Twitter.

Each Gallery Conversation prompt will include a # prefix – a hash symbol, commonly known as hashtag

“Discuss YOUR understandings of feminism and feminist thought. Reply to #JCFem”

To respond to this prompt, tweet with a message that contains


The prompts and hashtags are listed below and on the Gallery Conversations podcast page. If you miss attending a Gallery Conversation you can visit the Surveying Judy Chicago: Five Decades exhibition at the Palmer Museum of Art and listen to the podcast of the talk linked here and then join the Gallery Conversation using Twitter.

hashtags per talk
1. Discuss YOUR understandings of feminism and feminist thought. Tweet to #JCfem
2. What have you discovered in Chicago’s work that is still a concern today, and how might we change it in the future? Tweet to #JCfuture
3. Why are Black women considered less physically attractive than other women (i.e., White, Latina, Asian)? Tweet to #JCblack
4. #JCpower
5. #JCvagina
6. #JCutopia
7. #JCtrans
8. #JCviews
For the Thursday Film Series the hashtag is #JCfilms
Not familiar with Twitter? See this page: Getting Started with Twitter for more information.
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