35 Years of Milestone Achievements

Judy Chicago and Through the Flower Celebrate 35 Years of Milestone Achievements on Celebration Sunday, October 30, 2011. As part of the day’s celebration, at 1:00 pm, The Albuquerque Museum hosted a panel moderated by Ms. Chicago, who highlighted many of Through the Flower’s achievements. Other panelists included: Diane Gelon, administrator of The Dinner Party studio and exhibition tour, who spoke about the effort to tour The Dinner Party in the face of considerable museum resistance; Dr. Constance Bumgarner Gee, an expert in art and public policy, who spoke about the development of The Dinner Party K-12 Curriculum; and Dr. Karen Keifer-Boyd, professor at Penn State, and an authority on on-line art education. Click here for a video documenting the panel presentations.

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