Participatory Art Pedagogy is a multi-media overview of Judy Chicago’s feminist art teaching methodology.

We will experience Chicago’s pedagogical approach in working toward an exhibition at the Art Alley in the HUB-Robeson Center. Those who choose to study the approach can select from research methodologies such as participatory action research, autoethnography, narrative inquiry, arts-based research, or other approaches. Other methodologies may be used in research in preparing to create participatory interactive art.

Introduction to research is linked here, and to qualitative research is linked here.

A process to focus the study with a problem statement is linked here.

Resources on research methodologies are linked here.

Resources on how to conduct a literature search is linked here.

Researcher Roles one might take are outlined here and theory influencing positionality of the researcher is linked here.

Considerations for interviewing is linked here.

Considerations regarding validity are linked here.

Components of research proposals are linked here.

Notes on analysis of date: Content analysis, archival research, discourse analysis

For researchers interested in publishing you will need IRB approval if your research involves human participants. Guidance on writing for NAEA (National Art Education Association) publications is linked here. A list of relevant journals is linked at the titles here.

IRB, Ethical Disclosure: Office of Research Protection IRB (Institutional Review Board) Approval for Human Participant Research: Ethical Considerations and IRB Approval Procedures

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI),
Complete the Training on the Protection of Human Rights Participants of the required modules & an elective.

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