Feminist Studio Workshop

Feminist Studio Workshop (Woman’s Building, Los Angeles, California, 1973)


If preparing to host a similar workshop this link, https://www.aaa.si.edu/collections/items/detail/curriculum-feminist-studio-workshop-womans-building-12734  is a breakdown of the curriculum offered at the Workshop posted at the Archives for American Art. The map will let researchers see how the workshop was planned.

  • Readings
  • Research
  • Self Presentations
  • Building Group
  • Content Search
  • Artmaking Goals


  • Work Mode Selection
  • Media Selection
  • Format Decisions
  • Ideal to Real
  • Support Structure


  • Participant Selection
  • From Process to Image
  • Balancing Support and Guidance
  • Content-based Critique
  • Audience
  • Evaluations
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