Fresno Feminist Art Program


In 1970, at The California State University at Fresno, Judy Chicago worked with a class of fifteen women to create a studio environment responsive to the female experience.

“Fresno Feminist Art Program” in the Archives

Below are links to pdf and media files of materials from the Fresno Feminist Art Program in the Judy Chicago Art Education Collection archived at The Eberly Special Collections at Penn State. Publications are available in alternative media on request.



  • Readings
  • Research
    • This Chapter, Reflections on the first feminist art program. will help participants, researchers and educators understand the Fresno Feminist Project from personal accounts by participants Nancy Youdelman and Karen LeCocq within a historical context.  This chapter will also assist contemporary participants as individual content searches are completed. Additionally, the chapter will illustrate the challenges women have, and still face, when creating and creating content filled artwork. The full citation of the book is Youdelman, N. and LeCocq, K. (2012) Reflections on the first feminist art program. In Jill Fields (Ed.), Entering the Picture. New York, New York. Routledge.
  • Self Presentations
  • Building Group
  • Content Search
  • Artmaking Goals


  • Work Mode Selection
  • Media Selection
  • Format Decisions
  • Ideal to Real
  • Support Structure


  • Participant Selection
  • From Process to Image
  • Balancing Support and Guidance
  • Content-based Critique
  • Audience
  • Evaluations
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