Encounter 3: What is Feminism?

Grade Levels: Upper-Elementary, Middle, High School

Encounter 3: What is Feminism image

In this Encounter, students continue to develop a context for understanding and appreciating The Dinner Party. They first explore gender stereotypes and are shown how ideas about gender roles can impact behavior. They see how such deeply embedded ideas limit the identity, self-esteem, and potential of girls, boys, women, and men, leading to inequities and disparities in the family, community, workplace, and other aspects of society. Students learn how these inequities and limited ideas have been addressed through the long history of the Women’s Movement and feminism. Students then deepen their understanding of feminism through reading and reflecting alone and in groups.

This Encounter helps students understand the societal need for feminism and the role that the feminist agenda plays in society. By exploring gender stereotyping encountered daily, students can begin to see the connection between limited ideas about people based on gender, and inequities and disparities in all aspects of society. Accordingly, they are able to see the need for activism. To view the entire Encounter, download the PDF for Encounter 3: What is Feminism? by clicking on the button below.

Download Encounter 3 here

Download Encounter 3 here

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