Encounter 6: What is Feminist Art?

Grade Levels: Upper-Elementary, Middle, High School

Encounter 6: What is Feminist Art? _image

This Encounter builds upon students’ understanding of feminism and introduces them to feminist art. Students are introduced to the work of artists who identify their work as feminist. They consider The Dinner Party in the context of these other artworks and Judy Chicago’s statements about herself as a feminist artist. They also consider the artwork within the context of evolving ideas about feminist art.

This Encounter will reinforce the understanding that feminism is a chosen position, not a label placed on someone by another person. By studying The Dinner Party and other feminist artworks, students enhance their understanding about the importance of content in art. As they learn about artists who create feminist artworks, students recognize that art-making is a long path, research is often required, and that artistic thinking builds and grows over time. Ultimately, students develop deeper understanding of, and connections to, The Dinner Party as they see it within yet another context—the context of feminist art. To view the entire Encounter, download the PDF for Encounter 6: What is Feminist Art? by clicking on the button below.

Download Encounter 6 here

Download Encounter 6 here

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